Fugly Bath Bombs

$ 3.00

Sometimes our bath bombs don't always turn out as we expected. Various factors can cause them to turn...for lack of a better term... "fugly." Regardless of their fugliness they still perform the same as any other bath bomb we make. It is because of their fugliness that we are offering them at a discount which is awesome for you! 

Whether you are after relaxation with candles and a glass of wine or an invigorating wake-up after a long night's sleep, our handmade fugly bath bombs deliver an explosion of essential oils or fragrances to help create your perfect bath-time experience! Once you drop it in the tub and it starts to react with the water, you won't even know or care what it looked like before!

The average weight for our bath bombs is 6.75 ounces and they are roughly 3.27 inches in diameter.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Fragrance or Essential Oil, Food Colorant.

***Please be mindful that because this product contains an oil your bathtub may become slippery after use. Use caution when exiting the bathtub.***

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