How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

All products are shipped via USPS Flat Rate, Priority or First Class Mail and will be processed and shipped within 3-5 business days. Most orders that are shipped via USPS Priority Flat Rate will arrive in 2-3 business days. Smaller orders shipped via USPS First Class arrive within 3-5 days after shipping.

After your order has shipped will receive an email confirmation which will contain your delivery confirmation number (for Priority Flat Rate Mail only). Our shipping fees are based on the volume of your order and not the weight to help minimize the shipping costs. All of the items on our site are assigned a volume value.

Shipping Rate Options:
    Volume 0 - 16:
        $7.30 - all states
    Volume 17 - 23:
        $13.95 - all states
    Volume 24 - 30:
        $24.00 - all states

*We will refund shipping overcharges of $1 or more.

What kind of milk do you use?

The milk we use in making our products comes 100% from the Saanen and LaMancha goats we lovingly raise and hand milk on our farm.

How much goat's milk is in each bar?

Each bar of Pheasant Creek Farms Goat Milk Soap contains more than 1/8th of a cup of fresh goat's milk.

If I am allergic to milk, can I use your soap?

Someone who is allergic to drinking milk, may or may not be able to use our soap. Test it on a small patch of skin inside your elbow to see. Most (but not all) people find they are just fine to use it on their skin, but proceed with caution.

What kind of oils do you use in your products and why?

Please take a look at the ingredients page located on our home page. It contains a list of all the ingredients we use in our products and why we use them. Ingredients for each product can be found on each product page under the description.

How should I care for my bar of soap?

Soap needs to dry out between uses. Use a soap dish or wire rack that promotes full air circulation around your bar. Your favorite soap will dry faster and last a lot longer! We offer a cedar soap dish that promotes full air circulation on our site.

Do you have any soap for people with tree nut allergies?

Yes! We are proud to offer soaps containing babassu oil in lieu of coconut oil for those people who have tree nut allergies. Please see our Tree Nut Free Collection of goat milk soap.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes we do. Please email us for more information.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we offer wholesale prices to verified retailers. Please email us and we will be happy to give you information regarding our requirements, policies, and minimum order amounts.

Will my body butter melt?

We recommend you store your body butter in a cool, dry place. As the body butter is essentially whipped oils and contains coconut oil, which melts at temperatures above 75°F.

Will your soap cure my skin condition?

We cannot say our soap or products will cure your skin condition. However, many people who have used our products have found that their skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, etc.) disappear or are minimized when using our products. If you have a sensitivity to fragrances or essential oils, we recommend our Plain Jane goat milk soap. If you suffer from dry skin, all of our soaps work great as they all contain the same amounts of goat milk as well as skin-nourishing ingredients.


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