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We are a small family of "farm-girls" (Mom and three daughters) that started making goat milk soap as a hobby using the milk from our adorable Saanen and Lamancha goats. We have all lived the farm life for many years, raising chickens, pigs, horses, cows, ducks, geese, rabbits, and sheep. At Pheasant Creek Farms, we currently have horses, chickens, black angus beef (off-site), and our lovely goats and barn cats to keep them company! 
We use organic and natural ingredients in our soap as it is better for you and the environment. Organic ingredients are made from sustainable farming practices grown in ways that do not pollute the earth or harm the environment. Our handmade goat milk soap bars and products are made with organic, chemical-free, skin-loving ingredients...nothing like the commercial soap bars you see on most big-box store shelves where you cannot pronounce the ingredients. Our soap recipes are custom designed to provide good lather, good conditioning, and makes a hard and long-lasting bar. Whenever possible, we buy locally grown herbs for ingredients. Our soaps are kept fresh and protected from handling with the use of biodegradable polyolefin biolefin which degrades in 1-3 years, and most of our labels are made from recycled paper. 
Our farm is located in the mountains outside of Grand Ronde, Oregon, twenty minutes away from the beautiful Oregon Coast. We have been making soap since 2012 and it is our pleasure to share with you our passion for making quality, handmade goat milk soap and bath and body products!


From our home to yours,

-Cathy, Jada, Julie, Kari

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